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I Teach and Create Heart Centered Content Designed to Help You Grow and Succeed. 

Whether you’re feeling stuck, trapped, alone, anxious, sad, or feeling  incomplete, my goal for you is the same… to help you return to your natural state of love where you remember that you are perfect, whole, and complete.

I employ three keys to building success that apply to all facets of your personal development, professional development, and spiritual development. The keys are: A Positive Mindset.  Effective Communication. Unshakable Resilience.

With these keys, my clients and students learn to forgive, overcome trauma, let go of shame, accept loss, release control, reframe failure, build self-confidence, and self-belief.  It has helped them leave toxic relationships, become more assertive, find new careers, become better leaders, parents and so much more.

Is'nt time you made the shift? Take one of my courses, download a check list below, read one my three self help books or join the MindShift Membership - all the content is designed to help you grow. If you need one-on-one support and guidance find out how to work with me here. 

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Dee's Key's  - Three of My Hottest Tools for Heart Centered, Personal Development.

I want better relationships!

 Detox Your Relationships Worksheet

What better time than now to identify those people who inspire and lead you onto better things, and to notice those people who pull you down? This worksheet will bring this information to the forefront where you’ll naturally begin making different choices about who you spend your time with. Down load the worksheet and learn more. 

What's holding me back?

Identifying Limiting Beliefs Check List

If you are not where you want to be in an area of your life, take a close look at your beliefs. Your mindset might be holding you back from getting what you want. Sign up for our free worksheet today and get the top 10 questions to ask yourself that will help you dig deep into your inner mind and identify your limiting beliefs. Download Now and Break Free!

I'm ready to learn to say no!

The Power of NO - Becoming a Reformed People Pleaser Worksheet

Whether you learn to say ‘No’ more often, or just learn to say ‘Yes’ on your terms, it's time to release yourself from the burden of pleasing others. Give yourself time and freedom to be and do what matters to you. Start with this FREE workbook. 

Are You Ready to Shift Your Dreams into Reality?

For Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Growth.

Want a mindset practice you can stick to—so you can feel connected, supported and inspired every day? MindShift Membership (MSM) has got you covered. It's an easy platform with tools and community that elevates you along life's journey.  


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Featured Guest Speaker and Expert on Mindset, Communication and Resilience.


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Dee offers transformative coaching, counseling and hypnotherapy. She works with women 25 and over who are tired of failing to get what they want out of their career, relationship, and life. They  are ready for a skilled professional who can help them transform into that whole, fulfilled person. Dee has coached thousands over for almost 2 decades and as a result, her clients raise their self-esteem, are more confident and self assured, feel less fear and anxiety,  let go of the past and forgive, learn to self-care and grow...and so much more. When they transform, her clients, make more money, attract healthy relationships, explore new things and live a better life.

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