Why change can only happen if you develop the right mindset


Mind is a flexible mirror. Adjust it to see a better world.

– Amit Ray, Mindfulness. Living in the moment. Living in the breath.

Dee Woolridge is a success coach, hypnotherapist, Spiritual counselor, and award-winning author. She was with Omobola Stephen and they had a great conversation on the subject of mindset, confidence, spirituality, hypnosis, and much more. Here’s the excerpt:

OS: Tell me about yourself

DW: What I do is I’m a success coach and one of the biggest tools I use is hypnotherapy and people come to me basically for learning resilience, communication, and mindset. So, I use those three(3) superpowers to help people with what they need and help them break out of their shell and learn to be a confident person and live a more fulfilled life.

OS: Let’s talk about the myth of confidence. Are there things I need to stop believing now?

DW: Yeah! Let’s talk about confidence. Many people have an issue with confidence and that causes a lot of anxiety where people… They stop showing up for their life so they are basically silenced and stuck inside because they are afraid. So, they don’t believe in themselves.

Confidence is doing things anyway, even if you fail. Trying and moving forward even if you are not sure. And the confidence comes from the knowledge that I’m going to be okay even if I fail; I’m still going to be still amazing, wonderful, gifted, talented, loved. I’m still lovable and if you don’t have that sense of self, it’s going to stop you from doing many things in your life.

Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good.

-Diane Von Furstenberg

OS: As an expert in your field, how can you tell if someone has a faulty or negative mindset. Are there any patterns to watch out for?

DW: Everybody can tell if you have a negative mindset because of what comes out of your mouth. So, if you always looking at the downside. So, two (2) people can be in the same room and watch a movie and the one with a positive mindset can come out and pick out all the great things that happen in the movie and the person with a negative mindset would pick out all the bad things or the things that weren’t so great because they have been programmed to look for the fault whereas if you have a positive mindset, you are programmed just the opposite to look for the silver lining. It’s easy to look for the things that are bad, so you have to work on looking for the things that are going well. I think we are programmed to look for the things that don’t go well because if we do, we can be safe because you are looking for dangerous things; things that would hurt you; things that would make you feel bad so you are always on the lookout for those things. But many times, there’s no danger and if you are programmed to just find the danger or the things that would hurt you, you are going to miss all the wonderful things in life.

OS: As a gifted spiritual counselor, what have you done and what can you do for me?

DW: Spiritual counselor. I help people tap into their upper three (3) chakras. The chakras are the energy centers in the body so the lower three(3). So, I’m going to give you a quick crash course on chakras. Chakras, there are thousands in the body. But there are seven(7) main energy centers in the Hindu practice of this. So the lower three (3) is about being there on the planet. Being grounded safe and having happiness here in the physical body. The upper three (3) were the throat, the third eye and the crown are all about self-actualization, self-acceptance, and connection to your higher power, your spiritual self, your God, your source. Many people live their whole life just in their lower three(3) chakras. You know, they don’t look for any guidance outside of themselves. They think everything they have, they to do themselves. So, I help them open up their heart. That’s why my business is called Heart Centered Institute and I wear this heart because the heart is the gateway to connect the upper three(3 ) chakras with the lower three (3), So, in spirituality, if you don’t open up that connection through, from the heart, if you don’t open that, you are doomed to fail because you don’t know how to do everything and we have grown from our ancestors, our God, spirit guides, our angels and people on the other side or even part of our higher self; our spirit that would guide us so what I do is to help people tap into that energy.

Awakening is not changing who you are but discovering who you are not.

– Deepak Chopra.

OS: How can a new mindset produce new results?

DW: So we are talking about negative mindset, what kind of results are you getting when you are negative? You know, you may make some progress but it’s not going to be as big progress if you can make it if you were positive because negative energy pushes people away. It repels. A positive mindset brings people in and around because it feels good. And when you are positive, you are going to keep going; you are going to keep trying. You know that life is full of obstacles; life is full of deeps and valleys. But it’s also full of peaks and mountains. It’s also full of flowers. In the same garden, you can have flowers and you can have weeds. It’s what you focus on, it’s how you enjoy your life. So, if you focus on the flowers, you can have a more enjoyable life than if you focus on the weeds. Same garden…

OS: We are living in a fast-paced world and anxiety seems to be commonplace. What strategies do you provide to your clients with anxiety problems?

DW: For anxiety problems. If you are having anxiety. If you are in it. If you are having it. I’m going to do diaphragmatic breathing. And being mindful. That’s if you are having it. So what you want to do is prevent it. Prevent anxiety. So, how do you do that? You start working on your confidence and your self-esteem. There are so many books out there. I have a whole program called Mindshift Membership that helps you through it. I have a free course called kick fear in the face. And it’s all about helping people overcome stress, fear, and anxiety. Anxiety is caused by your beliefs. Anxiety is a higher level of fear. If you are feeling that anxiousness all the time, you have to ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” Start having this conversation. You can do that louder in your head and then listen …

The next message you need is always right where you are.

Ram Dass.

Dee has got a lot to talk about on this topic and we did have a fabulous time. Enlightening and impactful. Click on the link to listen to the full interview.

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