Questions to Ask Yourself About Anger


Anger is a combination of emotions that band together to create movement.

For example, fear, frustration, sadness, overwhelm get together and say, “We need to do something about this!”

Anger comes about when we believe we are losing power somewhere. Anger arises through trigger points. Something happens and suddenly you’re angry.

What happened?

Why was I triggered?

Asking these questions can lead to healing.

Events in our lives can be open wounds of emotion. When anger shows up, it is easy to spot those wounds and start to invite the deeper work of healing and transformation. When healing occurs, triggers fade and emotion softens.

Our question for you to ponder today is…

Where in you is an open wound and are you ready for healing?

Anger can feel like a washing machine on the spin cycle, looping the same old story and list of issues. When anger starts spinning, take note of all the things you’re complaining about.

Give awareness to what’s on your laundry list of complaints so you can clarify what you actually want.

What are your complaints trying to clarify for you?

Are you willing to give yourself permission to claim your true desires?

Anger is feedback like all the other emotions. Handling it requires inner reflection of where you believe you’re losing power. You can’t take power from others; however you can own what’s already inside you.

How can you practice owning your power today? Perhaps by first letting go of toxic people. Download the free worksheet to help you get started here. 

Detox Your Relationships:

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