Your Confidence Muscle May Need Some Exercise


Confidence is a muscle, and like any muscle, you need to exercise it so that it doesn’t atrophy. The problem is that unlike your biceps or glutes, which tend to stay in the same place, your confidence muscle can be harder to find.

How do you develop your biceps or firm up your glutes?

By doing exercises that are designed to work that muscle over a period of time until you see the results you were looking for.

It’s just the same with confidence.

Let’s say that you’re the kind of person that doesn’t take many risks;, the kind of person who goes through each day doing what needs to be done and doing it well, but not really stretching yourself.

You might talk yourself out of doing something because it’s too scary or because you think to yourself ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘that’s not who I am’ or ‘I don’t really want it anyway.’

That voice within you is trying to keep you safe and comfortable. The fewer risks you take, the less new skills you’ll need to build and there is no exposure to your confidence level.

To work your confidence muscle you need to be prepared to take risks and to stretch yourself in an unfamiliar direction. To keep trying new things until they become regular, routine, and easy.

Your challenge today is to open yourself up to the possibilities around you and push yourself to increase and improve what you know, what you do and who you are.

The more open you are to risk, opportunity and possibility, the more confident you need to be, and so the more confidence you’ll develop.

That’s your confidence muscle – the question is, what are you going to do to exercise it?"

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Coach Dee

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