Heart Centred Healing with Dee Woolridge


On today’s episode, I chat with Dee Woolridge, a naval officer turned author, inspirational healer, and author of, “The Resilient You”! Dee is an expert on mindset, communication, and resilience. Her life story is full of ups and downs that helped her navigate life through a heart-centred healing approach and new ways to connect with her spiritual self.

Having gone through many traumatic moments in her life, ranging from a cancer diagnosis to the premature birth of her daughter, Dee was able to use these moments to empower her and guide her through a spiritual path that she otherwise isn’t quite sure she would have found. Dee found that by confronting the hate within herself, coupled with letting go of shame, pride, and ego, she was able to find more love, faith, and healing not only within her own life but in the lives of everyone she touched. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Overcoming trauma

  • Healing through hypnosis

  • Different ways to manage pain and trauma

  • Energy healing

  • The journey of overcoming breast cancer

  • How to live a more fulfilling life

  • The effects of negative emotions

  • Humanity vs Spirituality

The take-home: 

Dee credits her success to her ability to implement balance in her life. She feels that although who she is, is not what she does, she believes that creating a better world involves navigating through life from her heart center. She believes that using energy to give to others, allows for healing of the body and of the soul. 

The power of forgiveness is a tool we all have access to and if we choose to use it, we can heal and move forward from just about anything. No matter what trauma you may have faced, YOU hold the power to not only overcome it but to heal from it and continue to keep moving forward, too. You’ve got this, warriors. 

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