Are You Suffering From Mental Obesity?

Are You Suffering From Mental Obesity

Are you carrying around a lot more information than you’re actually applying to your life? 

Decide if you have the following signs of mental obesity:

  1. Do you like to learn, but don’t like to take action? 
  2. Are you great at planning, but fail to follow through? 
  3. Do you believe the answer to your challenges is to learn more? 
  4. Are you the smartest or most knowledgeable person you know, but your life is a mess? 

Mental obesity is a trap that has its roots in the educational system. In school, if you were intelligent and knowledgeable, you were successful. 

It’s natural to assume that the recipe for success would apply to adulthood, but it doesn’t.

Consider that most of the challenges in your life are easily solved, or easily avoidable by a few simple actions. Saving money, being healthy, becoming fit, losing weight, earning more money, having stronger relationships, keeping your house clean, and so on are simple to accomplish. The steps to make them happen just aren’t enjoyable.

Before learning something new, master yourself. Learn how to control yourself and get practice actually doing it. 

When you can consistently apply what you already know, then it’s time to learn more. 

You already know enough to be incredibly successful.

I believe in you.

Take care for now.


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