Did You Know That Clutter Can Cause Stress?

Clutter isn’t just physical

Clutter isn’t just physical. 

It could also be mental, emotional, spiritual, and digital.

Any one or a combination of these could lead to high levels of stress and anxiety. 

Here are a few ways to simplify your life. 

  • Clear away clutter. Clean and spacious settings make it easier to relax. Gather up items you no longer use. Donate them to charity or sell them online. As a bonus, you’ll be able to complete your housework in less time, eliminating another common source of stress.
  • Buy less. Prevent clutter from gaining a foothold by consuming less. Figure out how many shoes and electronic gadgets you really need.
  • Eliminate unnecessary tasks. Streamline your schedule too. Focus on your most important priorities, and avoid taking on other obligations.

Cut stress off at the source. 

Begin your week with simplicity to protect your peace of mind. 

You’ll feel less frazzled and more alive each day.

Learn more about mindset practices like these by becoming part of The Shift.

Talk to you soon.

Coach Dee

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