More Happiness Tips for Introverts

Happiness Tips for Introverts part 2

There are several things introverts can do to increase their happiness and life satisfaction. 

Most of them are quite easy, too! Here are a few more ideas to consider:

  1. Choose a suitable career. A sales career might not be the best choice for an introverted person. You’ll be happier if you choose a career path that doesn’t require constant communication with others.
  2. Avoid over-scheduling. An extrovert might thrive with a daily schedule that includes a full day of work, meeting friends for dinner, and then taking a night class. Introverts tend to need more downtime to recharge their batteries. A simple life tends to work the best and can be very satisfying to an introvert.
  3. Take a day off when you need it. Whether it’s taking a mental health day from work or backing out of a social commitment, take a day for yourself when you need it. The alternative is overstressing yourself or making yourself miserable. If it’s not too detrimental, take a day off once in a while.
  4. Find activities you enjoy that you can do by yourself. Avoid falling into the trap of just watching TV each night. Look for things you can do that you enjoy that also help you to grow. Take up an instrument, learn to play chess, read, or write. What interests you?

Decide today that you’re going to do what you can to have the happiest life possible, and then make that happen.

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Talk soon. 

Coach Dee

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