Developing Spirituality, Even if You're Not Religious

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The word spiritual is used to describe that which relates to the human spirit. It goes beyond the material.

Spirituality is about appreciating all aspects of life fully. Most of us have learned to experience the world in a very superficial way. But there is so much more just below the surface.

Spirituality embraces all religions because it recognizes that all of them are different paths to the same destination.

If you’d like to further cultivate your spirituality, consider these ideas:

    1. Practice openness. When faced with something new, try to keep an open and non-judgmental mind. New opportunities to learn and expand your perspective are all around you. Attaining a higher sense of spirituality requires being open to the possibilities.
    2. See the beauty in people, things, and situations. Part of spirituality involves seeing the truth. There is beauty to be found in nearly everything and recognizing it is part of recognizing the truth. When you see the truth, you come to realize there are very few things to worry about.
    3. Spend some time in nature. There are few things more spiritual than sitting in nature with the sun on your face and the breeze pressing against your back. Experience the trees, grass, flowers, and birds.
    4. Look for the bigger picture. The mere act of wondering about the universe and what it all means is an exercise is spirituality. Consider your purpose and true meaning to the world. What is the greatest gift you have to give?
    5. Stay focused on the present. Life can only be lived right now. Part of being spiritual is recognizing that living a positive life today leads to good things tomorrow. Spend time each day focusing only on the moment you’re currently experiencing.
    6. Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how will you ever feel comfortable enough to present your true self to the world? We’ve all done things and come up short, but it doesn’t define us. It merely describes us in a certain situation at a certain time.
    7. Allow yourself to be inspired. To fully learn about yourself, it’s important to experience new things. Meet new people and read new books. Only by being exposed to everything that interests you can you learn everything there is to know about yourself.

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All the best!

Coach Dee

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