A Sober Living Guide for the Holidays Part 2

A Sober Living Guide for the Holidays Part 2

If you or a friend have made a pledge to stay sober, Its important for you to control your stressor and triggers. Follow these tips for staying peaceful and sober into the New Year.

Managing Holiday Socializing:

1. Create new traditions. Be creative. Invent new holiday activities if your old ones revolved around drinking. Host a pancake breakfast instead of a boozy brunch. Finish a day of shopping with an exercise session instead of a glass of wine. Replace bar hopping with volunteer work.

2. Be selective. A lighter schedule may help you feel more balanced. Pick the parties and events that are the highest priorities for you. Graciously turn down invitations to gatherings that could be too awkward.

3. Snack wisely. An empty stomach can sabotage your willpower. Eat some bread and cheese or a handful of nuts before going out for the evening.

4. Stay hydrated. There are plenty of nonalcoholic beverages you can still enjoy. In addition to plain water or juice, explore recipes for fancy mocktails with ingredients like star anise, muddled berries, and cinnamon.

5. Help out. Shifting your attention to others is a great way to distract yourself from alcohol cravings or any feelings of self-consciousness. Let your host know you’re available to tend the music or chop vegetables in the kitchen.

6. Leave early. Alcohol often flows more freely later in the night. If you prefer a quieter experience, be among the first to arrive and depart.

Be merry and sober this holiday season. The occasions you celebrate without alcohol may wind up being more meaningful and memorable.

Many blessings

Coach Dee

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