Heart Centred Healing with Dee Woolridge


On today’s episode, I chat with Dee Woolridge, a naval officer turned author, inspirational healer, and author of, “The Resilient You”! Dee is an expert on mindset, communication, and resilience. Her life story is full of ups and downs that helped her navigate life through a heart-centred healing approach and new ways to connect with her spiritual self.

Having gone through many traumatic moments in her life, ranging from a cancer diagnosis to the premature birth of her daughter, Dee was able to…

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How to Fake it ‘till You Make It


When using the Law of Attraction in my meditations, dialogues, writing, and so forth, I often say, “see the things you want as if they have already happened”. Be it now in your mind so that the universe has no choice but to make it so.

How do I do that, someone asked. How can I “be” or feel something that I'm not? I've been this way ever since I was a child, so how do I be something different?

Great question! In fact, this is a very common barrier people come up against when trying to apply th…

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Questions to Ask Yourself About Anger


Anger is a combination of emotions that band together to create movement.

For example, fear, frustration, sadness, overwhelm get together and say, “We need to do something about this!”

Anger comes about when we believe we are losing power somewhere. Anger arises through trigger points. Something happens and suddenly you’re angry.

What happened?

Why was I triggered?

Asking these questions can lead to healing.

Events in our lives can be open wounds of emotion. When anger shows up, it is easy…

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Creating New Holiday Traditions After Divorce


Divorce brings major changes into your family life, including how you choose to celebrate the holidays. Most families wind up holding onto some of their old traditions while introducing some new innovations. However you go about celebrating the holidays, intentionality is key.

If you're looking to smooth your transition at holiday time, here are steps you can take with your kids to make the season better for everybody.

1. Arrange for holiday visitation in advance. Address visitation in writing…

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How to Provide a Bright Holiday for Children with Special Needs


Children love the holidays. They're excited about the gifts they'll get, and they enjoy seeing family members and friends that they might not otherwise see very often at all. For children with special needs, celebrating the holidays can be harder. They often have limitations that are different than the children around them.

To help make their holidays brighter, you can be the spark that helps warm their hearts! Giving your time to these kids will bring a memorable holiday to both of you.

Try t…

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Light Up Your Love Life This Holiday Season


The holiday season offers lots of opportunities to spark your romance. Couples can draw closer together and singles can search for new connections. Even if the weather outside is cold and snowy, these tips will warm your heart.

Romantic Tips for Couples

1. Spend time together. Take a break from the holiday bustle to give each other a little special attention. Spend some evenings at home before the fire or hold hands while you take a long walk through the freshly fallen snow.

2. Create special…

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13 Life Lessons From Classic Holiday Movies and TV Specials


Holiday movies and TV specials can teach us how to live better and enjoy more happiness year round. These are some of the most important life lessons from a few old favorites and some other works that may be less well known.

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas":

  1. Sing joyfully. Before he had his change of heart, singing was what the Grinch liked least of all. Surround yourself with the music of the season and sing along.
  2. Resist commercial pressures. The Grinch learned that Christmas doesn't come…

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Surviving Your Relatives During the Holiday Season


You’ve seen all the cute holiday movies where everyone gets together and treats everyone with love and respect. Your family get-togethers might not have that same Norman Rockwell feel. Your mom still pesters you about being single. Your uncle still asks you to pull his finger. And your cousin, the surgeon, still makes fun of your sensible shoes.

The holidays aren’t all good times and cheer.

Try these strategies:

1. Realize that the holidays have unreasonable expectations. We’ve been bombarded…

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Tips for Getting Through the Holidays – Part 1


Do you ever find yourself getting stuck in negative thought patterns and expecting the worst possible outcome in every situation? It’s a common mind-set that proves difficult until you finally decide you’ve had enough. Unfortunately, negative thoughts tend to breed and multiply on their own – even when you’re not consciously trying to think negatively.

The good news is that turning a negative outlook into a positive one just takes a bit of patience and persistence until the positive thoughts be…

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Surviving the Holiday Crunch


The holidays are supposed to be a wonderful time for you and your family, though sometimes the stresses leading up the holidays make it seem like quite the opposite. Remember that even in poor economic times there are ways to enjoy yourself and survive the holiday crunch.

Spending Money

Chances are you'll be spending at least some money during the holiday season. With careful planning, you can make a small budget go quite a long way.

Consider the following holiday money saving tips:

1. Save …

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