This 6- Page Workbook Will Help You Stop Being a People Pleaser and Learn to Say No...

• When it's someone else's issue
• When you feel taken for granted
• When it's something you don't want to do
• When there's something you'd much rather do
• When it takes away from your values and wishes
• When you deserve or need some time to yourself


4 The Benefits of Becoming a Reformed People Pleaser 

1. You set healthy boundaries. Most people respect someone being honest and won't see this as a bad thing.

2. You become more productive by working within your priorities rather than someone else's.  

3. You avoid becoming overwhelmed and burnt out by taking on too much. 

4. By not worrying about what others may think of you, and letting go of the need to please, you will develop confidence. 

I Want This Workbook Now!
The power of no pages in booklet
  • Heart Centered Institute, LLC

    “I was determined not to be a people pleaser in the new year, I just didn’t know how. I started with just one of the techniques in this workbook, which gave me the courage to try another, then another. I am happy to say that I am now a reformed people pleaser. LOL.

    Janet Nelsson
  • Heart Centered Institute, LLC

    “I downloaded this for my daughter then started using for myself. Great little workbook.”

  • Heart Centered Institute, LLC

    “I'd never been able to set healthy boundaries until now. I'm grateful for this tool. ”