The Ultimate Law of Attraction Kit

10 Proven Tools to Create Miracles

The Law of Attraction tells us that like attracts like. So, to have the things you desire in life, you must work out how to vibrate on the same frequency as these things. This LOA Kit helps you become more positive, proactive, and loving to attract more of the same into your life. In this kit (valued over $89), you will receive:

  • My popular e-book – It’s Spiritual Law: Improve Your Life and Make Changes for the Better with Law of Attraction
  • LAO Subliminal Programming Video
  • Manifest With LOA Audio
  • LOA Life Category Affirmation Guide
  • LAO 24-Hour Daily Routine
  • LOA Money Manifesting Printable Dream Check
  • LOA Dream Board Instructions
  • LOA Printable Reminder Quote Cards
  • BONUS - Video - How to use LOA the proper way. 
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