Re-Programming Hypnotherapy Session

Personalized hypnosis and audio recording for dreams and goal achievement

Change is made through repetition and frequency. This re-programming hypnosis session is designed to give you a mental boost of suggestions and affirmations that are personalized to your specific goals. When you constantly hear them, the subconscious begins to believe them, then your behavior changes to make them so. 

In the session, we will use my Flip the Script technique to challenge and clear any negative beliefs before we start the reprogramming session. Flip the script is when you make a list of your dream goals. Say each one out loud. See what negative feelings and thoughts come up for each dream goal, then write that down. Next, take the negative thought and flip it – meaning, change it into something good and envision what you really want instead. Make the flipped script into a believable, incremental, present tense affirmation, that your subconscious mind will accept. Add gratitude. 

This process is time tested and effective for helping you anchor in your personal dreams to make them your reality. 

Sessions are virtual so they can be scheduled from almost anywhere in the world. Yes, hypnosis still works via zoom!

Your session booking link and further instruction are included in the confirmation page that you receive after payment is made. 

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Re-programming Hypnosis