Get helpful information or advice in the coaching, teaching and speaking industry

How do I do what you do Coach Dee? This is a question I often get from clients or followers of my programs and content. By popular demand, I started a mentorship program where I answer your questions. I supply you with the best business information and resources to help you develop as a success coach, hypnotherapist, teacher, corporate trainer, speaker, course creator, spiritual counselor, and entrepreneur.  I help you bypass some of the common pitfalls when you’re getting started.  I ask you the “right” questions that give you clarity on what you really want. Students leave the session with a wealth of knowledge and a list of things to do to build their dreams. This is not a structured personal developing coaching curriculum. It is professional development and a time for you to get help with your specific business questions. Information is pulled from my almost two decades of study and application to become a 6-figure entrepreneur. Schedule your one-hour session as often as you need. No knowledge is held back. Let’s build success together.